GET a fulfilment and distribution quote

If you are operating as a business that rewards people in bulk, consider GET Rewards as your end-to-end distribution and delivery partner. From the sourcing and collection of stock to the storage of rewards at our high-security warehouse, you can be sure that your rewards are in safe hands.

We serve a number of South Africa’s top 100 companies, many of whom have customers across the country, including hard-to-reach, rural locations. Yet, our delivery track record remains unbeaten.

Whatever your reward fulfilment, distribution and delivery needs, we’re ready to oblige.

What makes GET Rewards the reward partner of choice?

  • We offer the widest range of rewards in South Africa.
  • As a single-source provider, we are a one-stop reward shop.
  • We specialise in bulk rewards, prizes and gifts.
  • As logistic experts, we take the hassle out of reward management.
  • We've created over 17 000 unique travel experiences for customers

Cutting costs so rewards reach further.

We work hard to ensure that our collection, storage, packaging and delivery costs remain competitive.

Please take the time to tell us a little more about your needs, and fill in the form. One of our fulfilment and distribution service experts will get back to you soon with a quote.