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The neuroscience of rewards


Behind human decision-making lies a complex system of motivation and reward.

Understanding the neuroscience of rewards can lead to efficiencies in loyalty marketing and design.

Marketing has come a long way. Some may say that technology has merely enhanced marketing’s role in business, while others may argue that digital technology has reinvented marketing’s purpose, entirely. Our position in the debate lies somewhere in the middle, with the view that technology’s impact on marketing and brand building is both fundamental, and complementary.

Still, true to both ends of this debate, is the fact that science keeps driving marketing forward. And no field of scientific endeavour has greater relevance to loyalty and brand marketing, than neuroscience. Because neuroscience lifts the veil on human behaviour in ways that continue to astonish and astound us.

It is neuroscience that has shown us that extrinsic motivation – actions and behaviours driven by our anticipation of being rewarded – determines many of the choices and decisions we make. So, it stands to reason that applying the neuroscience of rewards is invaluable for brand building and loyalty marketing.

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neuroscience of rewards 

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