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How to motivate and reward Millennials

August 23, 2018 Infographics  |   Employee rewards

Millennials. They’re the largest generation in the global workforce.

Knowing how to reward Millennials can help you attract and engage them, and keep them for longer.

2015 marked a significant development in human capital management. It was the year that Millennials (16 to 34 year-olds) became the largest generation in the workforce. Future projections only serve to highlight the importance of motivating, engaging and rewarding Millennials.


Here’s a visual guide to help you reward Millennials effectively:


reward millennials


The first generation to be born into a digitally connected world, Millennials have a natural preference for digital rewards. Being digital natives, they expect omnichannel brand engagement, which is why micro digital rewards is an ideal way to interest and engage them.

To reward Millennials effectively, think downloadable e-books, vouchers, music and games. All these digital rewards are easily accessible, instantly desirable and hugely popular. Start by rewarding Millennials smarter today.


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